What is a Hoodie? Discover Everything About Hoodies

Traditional Hoodie

What is a Hoodie?

A hoodie is a type of jacket with a warm hood, suitable for both men and women. Join Misskick in exploring everything interesting about hoodies, from their history to popular styles like traditional hoodies, crop top hoodies, zip hoodies, and more.

A hoodie is a garment with a loose fit, usually hip-length or longer, featuring a hood and often drawstrings to keep the head warm. Fleece and jersey are common and versatile materials used in hoodie production.

Hoodies are widely used for various occasions like going to school, casual outings, or meetings. Whether you like simplicity, dynamism, or personality, a hoodie can suit your style.

The hoodie is one of the most popular types of jackets in the world today. Designed with a hood and a front pocket, hoodies are usually made from thick, soft, and warm fabric, often used to stay warm in cold weather.

History of the Hoodie

History of the Hoodie
History of the Hoodie

However, few know that the hoodie has a long history and developed from ancient times. Coats with hoods have been used since the 12th century in Europe, while the front pocket of the hoodie appeared in Japan in the 17th century.

Nevertheless, hoodies became more popular in the 1930s in the United States. At that time, thick fabric jackets were produced to keep outdoor workers, such as miners, warm. Hoodies were widely used in the Marine Corps during World War II, as the hoods helped protect soldiers from cold winds and rain.

From the 1970s, the hoodie became a symbol of hip hop and streetwear culture. Young people in big cities used hoodies to express their personalities and love for rap and hip hop music. Images of stars like Tupac, LL Cool J, and Run-DMC wearing hoodies created a new fashion trend and made the hoodie a part of urban youth culture.

In 1980, the hoodie made its breakthrough, appearing on the professional fashion stage in the first Sweatserch Collection.

Since the 1990s, the hoodie has become an important part of street fashion and continues to evolve to this day. Hoodies are not only used for warmth but also as a symbol of individuality, style, and the wearer’s confidence.

In recent years, the hoodie has also become a popular fashion item in the collections of renowned designers and leading fashion brands around the world

Today, hoodies have become an indispensable item for fashion-loving boys and girls due to their high utility and ease of styling.

Types of Hoodies

Traditional Hoodie

Traditional Hoodie
Traditional Hoodie

A traditional hoodie typically features a loose fit, hip-length design, a hood, and often a front pocket. This style is suitable for both men and women, especially on chilly days.

The traditional hoodie, a staple in casual wear, epitomizes comfort and simplicity. Originating as a functional garment to keep athletes and outdoor workers warm, it has seamlessly integrated into everyday fashion. Characterized by its loose fit, a hood often with drawstrings, and a central kangaroo pocket, the traditional hoodie is both practical and stylish. Typically made from soft, thick fabric like fleece or cotton blend, it provides warmth and comfort, making it an ideal choice for cooler weather. Its unisex design suits all ages and can be effortlessly paired with jeans, leggings, or even layered over other clothing. Over the years, the traditional hoodie has transcended its utilitarian roots, becoming a canvas for self-expression through various colors, designs, and prints, while retaining its classic, cozy appeal.

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Oversized Hoodie

This is a variation of the traditional hoodie. The oversized hoodie has a comfortable form and is generally wider at the arms, sometimes extending slightly below the hips. It can be selective in terms of who it suits, but is ideal for tall, slim figures.

Crop Top Hoodie

For girls who love uniqueness and novelty in fashion, a crop top hoodie is a great choice. Similar in design to the traditional hoodie, it differs in length, cutting off around the waist or midriff.

These can be made from fleece or jersey, offering a cool and comfortable choice.

Long Hoodie

This style is very popular among women as it brings a gentle and sweet look, almost like wearing a dress. Long hoodies extend to mid-thigh or knee-length. They are suitable for petite women, but avoid choosing a too-loose fit as it may overwhelm your figure.

Zip Hoodie

Zip Hoodie history
Zip Hoodie history

The zip hoodie is a modern twist on traditional designs. It has a similar form and length, with a hood, but features a zipper down the middle, making it easy to wear and remove without pulling it over the head.

A Zip Hoodie is a popular sporty jacket in modern fashion. With its front zipper closure and a hood, it provides comfort and warmth for the wearer in all weather conditions. Zip Hoodies are often made from thick fabric materials and may feature a kangaroo pocket on the front for convenient storage of items like phones, keys, or keeping hands warm. With a variety of colors and styles available, Zip Hoodies are an essential wardrobe staple suitable for both men and women, making them a perfect choice for outdoor workouts or casual days out on the town.

We hope this article has given you interesting insights into hoodies and the basic styles that make styling easy!”

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